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How will I know if I’ve started puberty? What if the womb isn’t big enough for the baby? Can HIV hurt a baby if they get it? How do you break up with someone? How do you get tested for STDs? How do you help a family member or friend get out of an abusive relationship? What if a partner threatens to hurt themselves if you try to break up with them? What can I do when someone is bullying my friend? How does alcohol effect decisions I make?

These are just a few examples of the many questions Hoosier kids ask our health educators in the classroom. Kids are curious about their bodies, their relationships, and their place in the world. They want to know how they can be better friends to each other and what they can do to make sure they and the people they love have healthy, happy futures.

If they don’t get answers to these questions from us, where do they get them? What sorts of answers will they make up for themselves? Rumors and misinformation about topics like these spread like wildfire, and it can take years to set the record straight. LifeSmart Youth provides Indiana kids with age-appropriate, medically-accurate information that helps them make healthy, safe decisions for now and years to come.

We work with our school and summer camp partners to tackle these questions and more, providing Indiana youth with the skills and resources they need to thrive—but we need your help to continue. This school year, we anticipate that LifeSmart Youth will empower more than 15,000 youth with over 46,000 hours of programming. A donation of $25 or more per month helps give Indiana kids access to this life-changing knowledge.

We need your support to educate kids and inspire them to make healthy, safe choices. Together we can teach our youth to be life smart. Please consider supporting Indiana’s kids with a monthly gift today.

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A Monthly Gift of $25 Can…

Teach Kids Empathy & How to Prevent Bullying

Step Up for Kindness!™ teaches kindness, empathy, compassion, and the skills to be an upstanding citizen who prevents bullying.
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Empower Kids to Resist Peer Pressure

LifeSkills® Training provides kids with the confidence and skills necessary to handle challenging situations involving substance use and other risky behaviors.
Learn more >

Teach Kids About Their Changing Bodies

Human Growth & Development teaches students how to care for and respect their growing and changing bodies during puberty.
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Help Kids Develop Healthy Relationships

CARE™ (Communicating with And Respecting Each other) addresses consent, teen dating communication, and dating violence prevention.
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Encourage Kids to Achieve Their Life Goals

Rights, Respect, Responsibility (3Rs)® provides students with the knowledge, confidence, and skills necessary to avoid teen pregnancy and the spread of STDs.
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Help us guide Indiana youth to lead healthy and safe lives.