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Emily Bond Gilchrist Memorial Fund

Emily B GilchristEmily Bond Gilchrist Memorial Fund to Benefit Social Health Association

Emily and her mother graciously served in leadership roles for Social Health for many years

Emily Bond Gilchrist and her mother, Mary Bond, were good friends and leaders to Social Health Association of Indiana (SHA). As executive director in the 1970s, Mary was pivotal in leading SHA through an important era to provide family life and sex education in schools.

Emily grew up admiring her mother’s work as a champion for strong healthy families and a role model for girls and women. As an adult, Emily continued the leadership legacy as a valuable board member.

Emily participated in a celebration of SHA’s seven decades of leading the way for kids in February and was elated to see that her mother’s legacy enabled over 1 million youth to be educated in family life programs.

A Note of Thanks

In a note to SHA CEO, Tonja Eagan, after attending the history celebration in February, Emily wrote,

“Many thanks for the invitation to your 70th anniversary celebration. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting all of the incredible staff, teachers, sponsors and supporters who have continued to make the Social Health Association the go-to organization for the “healthy choice” education of students all across Indiana.”

My mother, Mary Bond, would be amazed, astounded and proud of the incredible growth of SHA as well as the dedication which you all continue to provide…which goes above and beyond family life and sex education!”


Tonja remembers, “Emily and I had several heartwarming conversations this year reminiscing about the impact Social Health had on her family and on the lives of so many youth. She was a vibrant, creative, energetic, fun-loving woman who will be greatly missed. We are humbled and honored that Emily designated Social Health to be the benefactor of gifts made in her memory.”

A Memorial Fund to Benefit Youth

In lieu of flowers, Emily’s wish is for donations to be made to the Emily Bond Gilchrist Memorial Fund to continue in the tradition of providing high level sexual education to Indiana’s students and to help the Social Health Association advocate for better standards in sexual education at the Capitol.

The Board of Directors and staff sincerely appreciate your gift and express sorrow for the loss of a beloved woman.

Help us guide Indiana youth to lead healthy and safe lives.