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Pregnancy & STD Prevention Resources

You Can’t Prevent Something You Don’t Understand

Is there anything more awkward or embarrassing than talking to your kids about sex? You’re not alone—most parents feel this way. But because there are so many physical and emotional risks involved when teenagers have sex, it’s important to engage your kids in open, informed, nonjudgmental conversations. These conversations can, and probably should, focus on reasons why waiting to have sex is a good idea. They may roll their eyes at you, but you have a better chance at keeping them healthy and safe.

Parental Influence

Understand the influence you have on your child’s choices and behaviors, and learn to speak openly and honestly about sex, pregnancy, and STDs.

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Reasons to Wait to Have Sex

Learn some talking points around sex and why waiting to have sex is a good idea.

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Teen Pregnancy in Indiana

Learn the facts and statistics about how teen pregnancy and STDs affect our community.

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The History of Teen Pregnancy Prevention

Browse through the timeline of historical milestones in the fight to prevent teen pregnancy.

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