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Healthy Relationships Resources

Resources for Creating Healthy Relationships

It Starts With Respect

It’s becoming increasingly important to discuss the characteristics of healthy relationships and dating habits with our kids—we can’t just assume they’ll figure it out on their own. Studies show that dating abuse can start as early as 6th grade, and that 10% of high school students report physical violence in their dating relationships. As alarming as these statistics are, we can prevent teen dating violence—as well as dating violence beyond the teen years—by teaching our children what makes for happy, safe relationships.

Healthy Teen Dating

Learn the definition of a healthy relationship and how to identify warning signs of abuse.

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Preventing Sexual Harassment

Learn how to talk to your children about what constitutes an unhealthy relationship.

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Understanding STDs

Learn the facts about STDs and how to talk with your children and teens to help them make good decisions and avoid infection.

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