Guiding youth to lead healthy and safe lives.

Prevention Starts With Education

Whether it’s bullying, teen pregnancy, unhealthy relationships, or misinformation about puberty, the only way to prevent negative outcomes is to teach our kids (and adults) how to be healthy, safe, and life smart.

Student Programs

Whether the topic is puberty, sex, bullying, or dating, it can be difficult to get through to kids and help them understand their changing bodies and how their current decisions can affect their future selves. LifeSmart Youth has developed several programs that engage students on these very subjects, tackling the questions that are the most difficult to answer and the issues that are the most awkward to broach.



Adult Programs

As a parent or other trusted adult, you are a key influence in raising the children in your life, and it’s vital that you’re able to communicate effectively with them about health issues and personal decision making. LifeSmart Youth is committed to making that as easy as possible, providing the resources and support you need to answer those tough questions.


Help us guide Indiana youth to lead healthy and safe lives.