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Youth Advisory Council

Youth Voice Matters

LifeSmart Youth’s Youth Advisory Council (YAC) is all about hearing from the experts themselves on what matters to youth when it comes to leading healthy and safe lives. The Council, comprised of students from multiple schools and grade levels, meets virtually once a month to connect and work with each other on different tasks. The purpose of the YAC is to incorporate youth voice into the program activities and content that Educators use in classrooms. Additionally, the Council works together on projects to help our communities.

The Council is open to new members who are interested in health education programming and giving back their communities. Students from anywhere in Indiana, in grades 7 through 12, are welcome to join. Members can expect to build skills in communication, community engagement, critical thinking, and networking. Also, incentives are given for their time and contributions. If you are interested in the YAC, contact Nikki Sullivan, Director of Health Education Programs & Training, at

YAC Highlights

Teen Dating Violence Awareness

After School Art Sessions

Thanks, in part, to funding from the Indiana Department of Health’s Rape Prevention and Education Grant, LSY’s Youth Advisory Council created a social media awareness campaign for February 2024 around Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention.

After School Art Sessions were held at Arsenal Tech High School and Hamilton Heights Middle School to explore ink and fire as metaphors for relationships. The campaign can be viewed on our social media sites.

Instagram Campaign

Follow @lifesmart_youth on Instagram to see more from the YAC! Or click on the images below to see posts from their 2022 Teen Dating and Sexual Violence Prevention Campaign.

Shareable Flyers

LifeSmart Youth’s Youth Advisory Council created the flyers pictured above to raise awareness about healthy relationships within their schools and community. Click on the images to download the flyers and share with the youth in your life!

#KeepTalking Video Series

A young woman shouting into a bullhorn is silhouetted against a blue and green colorblock pattern. The text reads “Working against Teen Dating Violence demands that we #KEEPTALKING”

In 2020, the Youth Advisory Council held a series of interviews with peers and trusted adults to talk about Teen Dating Violence. Here in Indiana, we have one of the highest rates of teen dating violence in the country. Our Youth Advisory Council knows it’s time we start talking about it.

Our #KeepTalking Series features six videos compiled from these interviews which highlight key information to encourage conversations and increase our knowledge and awareness about healthy, unhealthy, and abusive teen relationships.



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