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How to Report Bullying

You Can’t Always Leave it Up to Them

When it comes to bullying, children are not likely to volunteer information.

This is especially true if they are the targets of bullies. Fear of retaliation and criticism prevent many children from reporting bullying. Parents need to take the initiative and intervene immediately if they suspect or witness bullying.

Strategies for Reporting Bullying:

  • Investigate. Remember that if bullying is suspected, it’s probably occurring. However, it is important not to inaccurately report someone as a bully. Before you begin, be sure to review the legal definition of bullying. Talk to your children and the parents of your children’s friends to get more information.
  • Speak up. Although bullying typically occurs outside the view of adults, speak up immediately if bullying is witnessed or suspected.
  • Promote anonymity. Ask your school how a report of bullying can be made anonymously. Teachers can provide comment boxes or ensure the names of those reporting incidents are not shared. Schools often have reporting forms on their websites.
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