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Healthy Bodies, Healthy Self-Esteem

Keeping their bodies clean is an important responsibility that children assume gradually as they grow older. Parents play a vital role in instilling good hygiene habits and providing guidance on the role hygiene plays not only in maintaining good health, but in making a good impression, which contributes to healthy self-esteem.

Teenagers and children approaching adolescence benefit from discussions with parents about hygiene practices associated with puberty, such as the onset of characteristics like body odor, acne, and oily hair. Girls learn good hygiene habits for taking care of their bodies during their menstrual cycle.

Parents can help children learn good hygiene practices:

Start early. Age-appropriate conversations about keeping the body and clothes clean can start early. By age 10, children should be given some responsibility for their own hygiene. When children begin to bathe, shampoo their hair, or brush their teeth on their own, supervise them to ensure they are using proper technique.

Be a good role model. You should demonstrate your personal hygiene habits so children can see and understand the importance of good hygiene practices, such as bathing regularly, brushing hair, flossing teeth, and using deodorant.

Be understanding. It may take time for some hygiene practices to become habits. Try to avoid criticism and confrontation when working with children to develop good hygiene habits.

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