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Parental Influence

You Are Your Kids’ Role Model

While many teens are uncomfortable talking about sex and other sensitive topics with their parents, most teenagers actually do want to know what their parents think. Open, honest communication about sex and issues like STDs and teen pregnancy can help teenagers make better decisions. In addition, talking about these topics openly instills family values and reinforces the importance of responsible behavior.

Teenagers are constantly influenced by peers, teachers, society, social media, the Internet…you name it. While teens are most likely to seek sexual information from their friends, when surveyed, most rank their parents as their top role models.

You should never underestimate the influence you have with your teenagers.

This is particularly true when lines of communication remain open and teens feel respected, understood, and supported by their family.

LifeSmart Youth encourages every parent to assess whether or not you want your child to participate in the programs we offer in your child’s school. In accordance with the new Indiana law SB65, parents of the youth served by LifeSmart Youth are provided Opt Out consent forms for the Human Growth & Development and 3Rs programs.

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