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Information Nights Put Parents at Ease, Help them Prepare

Parent talking to teen about sex

Discussing puberty, the reproductive system and sexual health can make for an uncomfortable situation for any parent. However, the inevitable chat is becoming easier for parents across Central Indiana thanks to Social Health Association.

In addition to teaching Hoosier students about their changing bodies and minds, SHA provides support to parents through Parents as Partners™, online resources and in-person sessions called Parent Information Nights (PINs).

Each year, Social Health conducts more than 20 PINs, allowing parents to learn more about the medically accurate, age-appropriate lessons their children are being taught by professional health educators, as well as preparing parents for the questions their children may ask. PINs also provide a platform for parents to ask lingering questions they may have regarding their child’s evolution into adolescence.

Top Parent Questions
Angela Bridge, director of strategic partnerships and 16-year SHA veteran, says the most common questions parents have are:

• How do I know how much information I should be sharing with my child at each age?
• What are some resources I can use to educate myself or to share with my child?
• What is normal for each age? (i.e., puberty, romantic interests, etc.)

“The goal of our Parents as Partners™ program,” Bridge says, “is to provide parents with the tools and resources they need to begin conversations with their kids at home. Giving parents encouragement and tips on how to broach these sensitive topics with their families is imperative. All parents love their children and want the best for them, they sometimes need additional resources to support their efforts.”

Funding from the Junior League of Indianapolis and the Legacy Fund Community Foundation, an affiliate of CICF, made many of these parent engagement and education programs possible.

Parent Information Nights are typically coordinated by a school principal, nurse, social worker or teacher. To learn more, please contact Angela or call (317) 638-3628.

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