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Social Health Association Recognizes Six Milestone Partners

At the “Eight Decades of Leading the Way for Kids” event on Feb. 4, Social Health Association recognized six partners for the pivotal roles who were integral in shaping the agency into what it is today.  These Milestone Partners include:

Ice Miller Legal Counsel — As the oldest and longest corporate partner, Ice Miller has supported Social Health Association financially as the generous sponsor of our annual fundraising appeal since 1988 and through their leadership, serving on our Board of Directors for nearly 30 years.

Impact 100 of Greater Indianapolis — Every year a group of over 100 charitable women from central Indiana donate $1,000 each to raise more than $100,000 to grant to a local nonprofit.  In 2014, after an extensive vetting process, Impact 100 funded “Step Up for Kindness!” Social Health Association’s new bullying prevention program.  This support allowed the agency to provide kindness curriculum to more than 30,000 kids. It also will fund an extensive evaluation of the program’s effectiveness in 2015.

Indiana Family Health Council — While Indiana Family Health Council is a more recent collaborator with Social Health, their funding in 2010 fueled the expansion of pregnancy & STD prevention programs to IPS Middle Schools, which increased the budget size of Social Health by 30% and program size by 40%!

Indianapolis Public Schools — Social Health Association has served more than 77,000 IPS students since 1988 when the IPS Board approved Social Health as the primary provider of Human Growth & Development for all students in grades 4 – 6 in every IPS school each year. The agency now provides a variety of our health programs for K-8th grade IPS students.

Metropolitan School District of Warren Township — Since the 1960’s Social Health Association has delivered Human Growth & Development educational programs in Warren Township schools in addition to prevention programs for teen dating violence, bullying, and teen pregnancy and STDs.

United Way of Central Indiana — For over 65 years United Way has helped people learn more, earn more and lead safe and healthy lives in the Greater Indianapolis area. We are one of the oldest youth agencies in the United Way network and proud to report that we continue to receive stellar member agency ratings.

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