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TrustEd Adults: #TDVAM – Different Types of Abuse

A young woman shouting into a bullhorn is silhouetted against a blue and green colorblock pattern. The text reads “Working against Teen Dating Violence demands that we #KEEPTALKING”


LifeSmart Youth Council #KeepTalking Series Discusses Types of Teen Dating Violence

As Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month (TDVAM) continues, the fourth video in the #KeepTalking Series highlights the different types of abuse that can happen in a relationship. Watch the video to hear how young people understand abuse and their opinions on the effects.

Week 4: What are the Different Types of Abuse?

Abuse comes in many forms. Discussing types and signs of abuse with youth will help them recognize when their relationships might not be healthy. We can start with definitions.

  • Physical: When a person hurts or threatens to hurt another person’s body or things.
  • Sexual: When a person touches another person’s body in an unwanted sexual way or forces a person to engage in unwanted sexual acts.
  • Emotional: When a person consistently uses non-physical controlling behaviors that damage another person’s sense of identity and self-worth.
  • Verbal: When a person uses words to hurt another person and their sense of self.

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The hashtag #TDVAM stands for Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month, which takes places during the month of February.

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