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Funder Focus: Kendrick Foundation, Inc.

Did you know? Since 2014, 11% of Central Indiana’s 8th grade students have reported they consumed alcohol within the past 30 days (per the Indiana Youth Survey). By the teens’ senior year of high school, alcohol use increases to 30%—nearly 1/3—of this student population.

Social Health Association’s Morgan County Youth LIVE! Initiative, in collaboration with various agencies funded through the Drug and Mental Health cohort, aims to reduce the use of alcohol by 8th graders in Morgan County by providing engaging and relevant health education programs to these students.

We are so pleased to announce The Kendrick Foundation, Inc. has generously granted us the funds necessary to support this programming!

It may not surprise you to learn that youth alcohol use is typically a symptom of other, less obvious, issues—it is often used as a coping mechanism for bullying or teen dating violence. Peer pressure is another prominent factor, among many others. Our programs address not just the issue of alcohol use, itself, but the many underlying issues that contribute to underage drinking.

During the 2017-18 school year, the funds from Kendrick Foundation, Inc. will allow us to provide Mooresville middle school youth with programming centered around bullying and peer violence prevention, and healthy teen dating and peer relationships. We will also provide youth in six Mooresville elementary schools (grades 4-6) with Human Growth & Development (puberty) programs. We very much look forward to partnering once more with these schools—Social Health Association’s relationship with Mooresville Schools dates back nearly forty years!

THANK YOU Kendrick Foundation, Inc.! Because of your support, Mooresville youth will learn about their growing bodies and how to navigate the pre-teen and teen years in healthy, self-empowering ways. They will also learn about healthy peer and dating relationship skills that foster kindness, empathy, compassion, and respect for themselves and others.

Help us guide Indiana youth to lead healthy and safe lives.