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Social Health Association creates new Endowment

Our programs have an impact on Indiana youth, and we want to make sure Hoosier children reap the benefits for generations to come. Long-term sustainability is key to this goal, so with that in mind, in December 2017, Social Health Association of Indiana established an agency Endowment Fund at Indianapolis Foundation of Central Indiana Community Foundation. This $25,000 endowment fund will grow through Planned Gifts and donations to build a solid foundation for the next century…and beyond!

Tonja Eagan, CEO of Social Health Association, shares that “SHA is proud of our solid financial planning and stewardship of grant and donor funds to maximize our impact in the most effective and efficient manner. SHA is unique as a youth-serving agency able to deliver 80,500 educational hours to 25,000 youth a year in 10 counties within an annual budget of $1.3 million. We are a small but mighty team working on behalf of Indiana’s kids and families.”

Help us guide Indiana youth to lead healthy and safe lives.