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How Trusted Adults and Social Media Platforms Can Help Prevent Cyberbullying

We are one week away from October, and that means it’s almost National Bullying Prevention Month. Bullying is detrimental to students of all ages and comes in various forms, such as verbal, social and physical. However, since social media apps play such a big role in adolescent’s socializing, cyberbullying is a 24/7 issue.

In fact, students are always the first to identify cyberbullying as a big issue through LifeSmart Youth’s Step Up for Kindness!™ program. LifeSmart Youth Health Educators discuss different ways to help stop cyberbullying, but trusted adults and social media platforms can also make a big difference in the prevention of bullying online.

For instance, Instagram launched a new feature to help combat users from posting potentially harmful comments in an effort to create a safe online environment.

Trusted adults, like you, play an even bigger role in keeping kids safe online. Here are some tips from about how you can stop cyberbullying before it starts.

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