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Kids First on FOX: Dangers of TikTok Challenges

While there are plenty of cute dances and funny parodies, parents are cautioned to talk to kids about the darker sides to the social media platform that could have dire consequences. CEO of LifeSmart Youth, Tammie Carter, joins us to discuss tips and questions to make conversations easier with kids.

Asking questions and listening is a technique we should be using whenever we are having difficult conversations with our teens. It helps tamp down the emotional volatility that comes with some of these discussions and your child will come to an expectable conclusion on their own.

Try asking the following:

  • Why do some kids do these challenges? How big of a deal is it?
  • How can you tell if a challenge is dangerous? Like the Benadryl Challenge, or Nutmeg challenge? (Have your child show you by Googling, “Can Benadryl be dangerous?”
  • If someone does a challenge and doesn’t get hurt, does that make it safe for you to try? Why or why not?
  • What’s the difference between a prank and a crime?
  • If you commit a crime and post it online, how could that image or video affect your future?
  • What is a good rule to follow to stay safe from making a mistake online?

When you finish your talk with your child, leave an open door. Make sure your child knows that they can come to you anytime they need to talk.

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