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TrustED Adults: How To Talk to Kids about COVID-19

young girl talks seriously to her mom and dad as they sit on the floor

Much of what kids understand about COVID-19 is that they now have to stay at home for one big long snow day, without the snow outside. Struggling to figure out how to talk to young ones about why they have to stay home, or why there are people with face masks? Have an anxious little one at home worried for themselves and everyone else? It’s important to be able to explain COVID-19 in a calm manor with the correct facts that they need. Here are things to remember when explaining COVID-19:

  • Remain calm and be reassuring
  • Only use trusted facts and information from sources such as the CDC
  • Avoid language that might blame others or feed into stigmas
  • Make sure to cover what you as a family are doing to stay healthy and safe
  • Try not to overwhelm with information, give basic facts but be able to answer questions as well

For more information to use with kids when talking about COVID-19, click the links below.

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